Wednesday, February 18, 2009

copper update

The sac that was hanging from copper's throat is not there, however he now has two large growths one near his ear and the other on the opposite side of the original lump, this basically means he has lumps surrounding his entire facial area. He seems to still be himself but i fear that time is not his friend or mine. Agian pray that when the time comes I will be alright, and have the strength to take him to the vet. Also pray that I am able to enjoy him for the time he has left, which means I need to get better so I actually can take him on a walk. Thanks for your prayers.

Monday, February 16, 2009

prayer request

Ok today I have slept more than the last week combined and I still don't feel all that great. However Copper is who I am concerned about. The lump on his throat is huge and is multiplying it seems on a daily basis. It now hangs down. So just pray that I will know when to him to the vet and that I will be alright going there. He seems to act pretty normal just lying around a bit more, but not whining or breathing funny. So just pray that God will give me the grace needed to deal with another death. Pray for my health too, I seem to get sick every couple of weeks, so pray that this bug goes away and stays away. I have to go to work tomorrow and well today I was up a total of 5 hours so... pray for energy to handle all my ADHD kids.