Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a year ago

I have not written in a while, but to say Ive been busy would be an understatement. Sunday was mothers day and well it got me thinking, a year ago mothers day my mom took her last step or shall I say fall. She was recovering from back surgery and on mothers day instead of improving she fell and never was able to stand back up. This started several visits to various doctors to see what was going on. In July (July 22 to be exact) my mom and I went to UCLA and got her diagnosis of ALS. since then i have watched the most independent person I know becomes dependent on others for everything. I have also watched her become even more bold with her mouth which I thought was impossible. Since July my mom progressively became paralyzed. But i have had the opportunity to spend almost everyday with her, sharing in the adventures of Gladys and Amy as I learned to creatively move her this summer, (armando had to come rescue her on more than one occasion as I got her stuck in random spots) to trying to create positions that make it more comfortable for her, to cooking gormet meals that she wanted in magazines she read. This time has been difficult and the most tiring job I have ever had, but I would not trade it for anything. While I don't know why God gave my mom this horrible disease, I do know he gave me the time with mom to heal our relationship, to heal me, and teach me how to be humble, loving, and to again remind me that life is short. Mom says she has her ticket and is waiting for Jesus to punch it. I too have my ticket and while some days I enjoy my layover here on earth I too am ready for my trip home. However while I am here I pray that I can be bold as my mom, who literally shares Jesus bluntly with everyone who enters her path. God has taken the use of every muscle away from her except her mouth, Im glad she realizes that is a gift and she is using it daily to praise him