Tuesday, October 27, 2009

prayer request

some of you know what a crazy place my school is at the moment. We are up to be taken over by whoever (public or private agency) writes the best plan for how to improve our school. It has created a very tense work environment (more than it already was). So my first request is that you pray for my sanity and my witness at work in the negative environment. My second request is for next year. We wont know until Feb. what is going to happen with the school but if a different group takes over I need a new job. There are a few things I need wisdom in determining, 1st what to teach- I have 3 teaching credentials (which really only makes my life more difficult) as I can teach special education at any grade level or I can teach science at the Jr. High or High school level, the 3rd credential opens up administrative jobs, which are not open at the moment. 2nd is where, do I switch districts or countries, the idea of teaching abroad in the mission field has come up several times in the last 2 years, but a lot of things have to be done to make that happen (house and dogs) so pray I don't rush into things and it is a God guided decision and not an emotional one.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dana College homecoming

I went back to Dana where I hadn't been in ten years. WOW that is a long time. While at Dana I had my share of good and not so good times. The best part of college were my friends. Who were more like family than I realized at the time. So Friday night we got together and hung out. It really didn't seem like 10years had passed as we seemed to pick up right where we left off. This is the group. top row: Shane is holding his son Brecken, Matt, me, Big Daddy Holtam (Ryan), bottom row are Deneen, Janelle holding Evelyn, Lindsay holding Kailey, and Allison
I could tell you a million stories about each one in the group but I know it would only entertain me.
This is what I woke up to on Saturday morning. SNOW! oh the joy of living outside cali. Seasons happen although this was the earliest it has snowed in Nebraska in 22 years. so I still wore my flips! not much changes in 10 years

Kailey had fun building snowmen with the snow. She is so cute! Lindsay and Craig are great parents!

The football field where there was a game going on however just like when I was a student we didn't watch much of the game. Rather I went exploring the really nice new gym and athletic facility they have built since I left.

look Im still in building. I found pics from when i was there. can you find me?

Saturday night they had a beer garden, funny thing is the campus was and is a dry campus so this picture is pretty funny to have Dana college cups with beer in them leagally, and no Lindsay and I still not drinkers agian somethings dont change.

Janelle and I

We convinced an RA to let us back into Holling hall where most of us had lived at one point in our four years at Dana. She had been in homecoming court and well so had Allison, Deneen, and Shane so thus the picture op.

Sunday morning we went to Chapel where Shane preached. Ok some things do change in 10 years as I would have never guessed that Shane would be a pastor. He did a great job.

We then went and had brunch which reminded me of the cafeteria food that I had gained so much weight from over my four years there, but during the brunch people who had been in chorale sang and once agian for some reason my friends in college musically tallented and I am there to listen in awe.
The rest of the afternoon was spent talking with Lindsay which was great. I had such a great weekend. I didn't realize how much I missed my friends until you see them agian and then are forced to leave them yet agian. God truly blessed me with them while at Dana.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

runners are crazy

runners are a funny. this morning as I ran I couldn't help but look up at what appeared to be 1000s of people running this 10K. Why? good question, some Im sure it was for fitness (these are the ones in all Nike gear warming up as if thier lives depended on the outcome of this city race)others for thier kids (crazy parents making thier little ones run such a distance), others for the sheer fun of it(these are the ones wearing pink too toos and wild socks or the wedding party to be dressed in well wedding atire). Me, because I can. As I was not feeling all that good for most of the race i wondered why do I do this? the only answer I came up with is because I can. I am so grateful that God has given me the ability, no matter how slow compared to others, to finish races. I think that I will take the opportunity to run more. It was a reminder that God has given us talents each different but they are ours to enjoy and share and glorify Him. So whether your a runner, a walker, a preacher, a social worker, do it all for His glory!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

catching up!

Ok it has been a really long time since I posted. but since I am home today due to pink eye in both eyes and have no TV and don't feel like cleaning but cant go to the beach b/c eyes hurt so bad when light hits them, I thought I would blog.

First on monday took all three of the boys for a walk at the same time by myself. If you have had the privaledge of seeing how hyper my dogs are multiply that by 10 as to their energy level when you bring out the leashes and harness. Now imagine me on my knees trying to put the harness on them three dogs jumping up and down and ontop of me and each other I some how managed to get them on with only a bruised pinky finger(didn't realize this til Tues morning painful sprain) then the joy of getting them in the car. The puppies jump in no problem but big sam cant so I have to lift him up while yelling at the other two not to jump out of the car. We finally arrive at the park and I get all three out praying that I can grab the leashes as they leap out of the car before they get away. Sam found some interesting sent right by the car and stopped to sniff Aussie took that opportunity to mark sam by peeing on his head! Next we start our climb up the hill sniffing as we go things were going alright until sam had to take care of his business and assumed the squat position, Max had to check out what he was doing and walked right under his tail as Sam relieved himself. So now Sam is marked by Aussie, Max is pooed on by Sam and the walk continues. They sniff and stop and mark everything and finally max who lifts his leg to pee only then puts it down and squats somehow got aussie. So at least it is fair! we made it to the top but I let them lead the way they found this not so well traveled path down and max stopped I looked he had huge thorn covered thing stuck on his leg then I look down they are on me 2-3 inch needles sticking out of these things MI rax got his out with his teeth but Aussies was stuck so there I was on a hill 3 dogs tring to use the lease to pull this thing out of aussie's food one needle remained pulled that out while trying to keep them all still as to not roll down the hill. Really you had to be there too funny. I really do love them!!

I realize that I never blogged about the last leg of the trip. The Gold Coast. It is about 4hour flight (maybe less) up there from Melborne. The last day I was in Melborne was the windiest day ever, warnings for people not to go outside, supper rain I have never seen it rain that hard so fast ever!! the next day was not as bad but still really windy. So the plane ride for the first hour not so fun Dramamine was a must! When I got there took a shuttle to my hotel which was beautiful, if you stay in the fancy hotel you get this really swank glass bottle of carbinated water which I think is gross so I added my emern C vitamin packet to it and drank up!! I then went to find a computer to find a hotel for the next 3 days. no luck that night so I went back to the hotel and went for a swim in the pool. it was beautifully landscaped with trees all around and lights, only I was the only one there so I felt like I was staring in a horror film where some creepy murderer was going to ambush me in the pool. So I didn't stay long. The next morning went and found a hotel but left my stuff at this one so I could enjoy the beach without having all my bags with me. Broad Beach is where I was at. It is broad! lots of white sand. I hung out there watching the locals and the not so locals surf and play. The next day I took a bus to Byron Bay. This is where I stayed in college. The town has changed some, but for the most part it is the same drug filled hippy town it was in college. The place we actually lived is about a 5 min. drive from Byron or 20 min walk (if you know the way which I forgot somehow in the 11 years that I was away) so I walked for about 3 hours by way of the lighthouse and 3 other beaches then took the 5 min. cab ride after all. Tallow beach is the name of my beach, It is the most beautiful beach in the world I think. It is now a dog recreation area so I had a great time watching the playful pups who like the people of australia are all really nice. Then went had dinner which although they said had no garlic really did, not a fun night as I waited for the bus which was over an hour late. Sitting at the bus stop however there was a live Irish band playing at the bar which was fun to listen to. But a reminder of how lost this town is. It is like going back in time hippies everywhere high on meth or drunk to the point of not being able to stand up. its a very scary place at night, but a place that intrigues me the same. The next day was my last day in Australia so I went to an outdoor market to get some presents for people and then hung out at the beach. I packed my bags and thought I better eat a good dinner so went to the steakhouse next to the hotel, but it wasn't very good:( Next morning got up to take a cab to this random hotel where a shuttle would meet me, it turns out the cab took me to the wrong hotel and I had to walk about 1/4 mile or more to the actual place with all my stuff, yea for being a determined person! It was late then we hit traffic in Brisbane due to a marathon being run so you know how you are supposed to be at the airport at least 2 hours before well I got there about 1 hour before and the line was out the door. The Transplant world games were held the same time I was there and Team USA was on my flight. so lots of people!! which also meant every seat was full. the flight was long but I watched 4 movies I think and people watched. I am glad that I had the opportuntiy to go and have learned a lot which I will share maybe later or better in a real conversation! but thats my trip,

now Im back at work full time and school full time and wishing I was doing neither, but thankful that God has provided both and looking for opportunities to share his love in both places.