Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yosemite day 2

Sunday morning we rose early, well truthfully I was up every few hours during the night due to excitement and sleeping in a strange bed, and left the hotel like at 5am. We drove back into the park while it was still dark. The hike to half dome can be started from a few points within the part but Chris choose to start from Glacier point. This would allow us to hike all the way around half dome and see most of the falls in the park in one day. Sounded like a good plan.
See how excited we were! It looked so far away and really you cannot describe the size of it until you are up close.

So amazing to watch the sun rise over the valley, the pictures do not do justice to what I actually saw that morning. My God is an amazing God.

This is the back side of Half dome, we were getting closer although it still seemed very far away.

Pretty cool stream running through it flows to one of the falls that was just a little ways ahead, this was a cute little bridge we crossed over, you cant tell in the picture but there are really cute yellow flowers that were growing at the base of the rocks on the right, amazing how things grow when it seemed just like rock and minimal soil.

getting closer!!

Saw a little wildlife along the way. Tiny little squirls which look more like chipmunks with their skinny tails. not afraid of people at all.

we stoped to eat at the top of a falls.

getting closer!!!!

This is just before we climbed up to the sub dome which is just below Half Dome

There it is!!! if you look carefully you can see the cables going up to the top. It looks like a ladder and if you look really close you can see people. This was so nerve racking watching people go up look how tiny they are in comparison to the rock!!

Before we climbed it CS took a short nap, while I continued to watch people go up and began to get really nervous. I think I we stayed much longer I would have chosen not to continue. But its me we are talking about so I knew I had to make it to the top.

I had to move so i walked around the subdome and thought this was a pretty good shot. Even at the sub dome you are way high and views are spectacular

See the view! No trees which is kind of unnerving to be above the tree line you have an odd sense of balance up there.

Yea!!! made it to the top. there were times I did not think my arms were going to make it up or hold my weight anymore. but.... we made it. Look how vertical that is!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

yosemite day one

Ok so I am slightly technically challenged, but you can adjust I'm sure, but after a gazillion tries to get the photos right well this is where I'm at. Enjoy and I hope you don't get a neck cramp while seeing Gods Amazing creation

SO this summer I was privileged to travel with my amazing friends to Yosemite. We left Saturday morning and traveled North through Bakersfield and Fresno until we arrived in an absolutely amazing place.

So you drive along the road and go through this tunnel and this is the view. Pretty darn spectacular! You can see Half Dome in the distance I was way excited to think that in less than 24 hours I would be climbing it. However it is overwhelming to think how massive those rocks are in comparison to me, and that the creator of them totally knows me
The ladies of the trip! Thank you O'Roarks for allowing Tiffany and I to tag along on your family Vaca!

Leilani found a nice place to sit and read while we waited for the gift store/mini museum to reopen. I could totally be a park ranger and teach little Jr. Rangers!

My amazing friends who take me with them on very cool vacations!

As we were driving out of the park to get some rest before the big day. It doesn't get much prettier than that. What a fantastic first day, I could have gone home totally happy with just those views. However there was a Very Large rock to climb the next morning........