Thursday, June 24, 2010

feeling good!

ok so yesterday was day two of staying on the diet and it feels great! No cheating and I drank extra water:) as for the training on Wed the pool is closed so no morning swim which was great to sleep in (well I was up fed the dogs and then went back to sleep) but Wed I have started to go to water aerobics with little lady Leilani, so fun. So an hour of shoulder work I felt like was great. I followed this with 1/2 hour of casual lap swimming with Mr. CS who has one speed which is darn fast. My brother says thats the sign of a true sprinter. (that is definately not me) I mainly did breast stroke as my arms were TIRED.
Then this morning, I loved the workout!!! so here it is it was inspired by Pier to Pier (the swim I do every year)
6X50M sprinting the first 1/2 of each odd lap
2X50M high knees (running high knees for the first part and last part of each lap free style in middle)
1X200M over kick (kill me now-its the most difficult thing for me to do so I know I got a good workout)
5X100 breathing every 5th stroke
5X100 regular
5X100 breathing every 5th stroke
5X100 regular
5X100 breathing every 5th stroke
2X50M high knees
1X200M over kick

Great morning! Now to finish laundry, vaccum, and pack for the weekend. This followed by apt at the DMV to replace my DL which I have been without since the end of may, then hopefully beach time:) I am getting so much more accomplished without going to work!!

Oh my MRI is Tuesday morning at 7:30am so I will see the doctor agian a couple of days after that to see what my brain looks like!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the eye report

so this morning I went to the eye doctor, who was very nice and after he looked into my eyes with like three different lights then dialated them and looked agian with the bright lights, my eyes are fine. He thinks it was a migrane in my eye- the constricted capilaries (those are what cause migraines) may have been around the nerve that controls the dialation or something like that. He said it was fine as long as it doesn't happen too frequently and does not last more than a couple of hours. I am still awaiting the MRI to be approved so we can see if my brain is normal or at least appears to be normal.

Training today consisted of an early chilly swim- so early and cold i dont remember all that I did, however here's what I do remember- warmup 15 minutes swimming, then a whole lot of kicking (i think i am going to invest in fins, I try to keep up but when everyone else has fins and I dont I feel really really really slow) then we did this workout which I enjoyed
200M IM (remember IM is swimming all the different strokes) so 50 butterfly, 50 back, 50 breast, 50 free
100M freestyle
2X50 butterfly- we repeated this 4 times so everything remained the same except the last 2 50 you changed the stroke based on IM order.

It took until 6:25 for me to finish but it felt great!

Then tonight a 6mile jog, I walked some so I could take in the beautiful sunset, then just out of laziness I walked up the hill, but still pretty good work out
Plus today I acctually did not cheat on the diet! The carb nazi is back!

Today was a good day too becuase I spent it with my mom, talked with Whit n Judy, my godmother (pray for her she may have cancer) and the O'Roarks called too! what a great day! Tomorrow will be great b/c I am going to go to water aerobics with Leilani:) yea fitness!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm back at it- Yippy!!

Ok, after laying on the rolling table, an intense massage and an adjustment at the chiropractor my back is feeling better. I was able to lift tables and chairs alright for Saturdays big wedding. Then Sunday was back on the road, running that is. Armando and I ran our usuall Sunday 4 mile course I was not speedy, but it felt great to run. Today back in the pool- so here it goes
warm up - 600M
main set I was there for-
600M pull (you are supposed to have a foam thinging that makes your legs float so you don't have to kick, I however dont have this so I just swim with less kick) breathing every 3rd stroke for 50M then every 5th stroke for 50M- agian I cannot do this for that length of time but I tried.
4X 200- 50M right arm only, 50M left arm only, then 100 swim- agian I looked like I was drowning but did my best

400M just like the previous 600M followed by 2x 200 just like before

Then I had to get out due to my last day of work:)- however because I had some wierd diolated eye thing I spent the entire day at the doctors office and have to go tomorrow to turn in my keys. I will keep you posted on my nuerological state- eye doctor in the morning MRI sometime this week once insurance approves it. yea for being me!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

my body hates me

ok so last night while watching a really good yet odd movie with some fantasic company my back started to spasm. by the time i got into bed i could hardly move and to touch it was so painful tears welled up. So I turned the heating pad on took vitamins and tylenol and prayed i would sleep, set the alarm for 4:30am in hopes it would be some fluke and be gone, however when I went to get out of bed the stabbing shooting pain was still there, so dogs went out and i layed in bed a bit longer. so no workout today. Not sure what i did, I think I did something during the crazy game of nationball with my students yesterday it was either that or the stress that work was yesterday in any case being on alieve all day today has helped some and I am hopeful that tomorow at 4;30am i will be moving freely agian. it was nice to see that my students really do care as they knew something was wrong and kept wanting to give me hugs that while made with great intentions killed me! gotta love em.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday 6/15

Gotta love the 4:30am alarm:) ok so this morning did not feel like getting up, partly because my diet yesterday was horrible and consisted of a fast food lunch and dinner yikes not good on my belly in any way! also a late night with my art class which emotionally was not good for my belly either, so I knew I had to go

500m warmup
10X 50 M- kicking (mostly free until my leg cramped and did 2 x50 breast stroke)
then the main set the group was to repeat this 4X yea for them I did the first 2 items

150M- first 50 kick butterfly, next 50 butterfly drill, next 50 back drill
150M- freestyle
200M -IM which is a 50 of each stroke (butterfly, back, breast, free)

150M- first 50 kick back, next 50 back drill, next 50 breast drill
150M- freestyle
200M -IM which is a 50 of each stroke (butterfly, back, breast, free)

150M- first 50 kick breast, next 50 breast drill, next 50 free drill
150M- freestyle
200M -IM which is a 50 of each stroke (butterfly, back, breast, free)
150M- first 50 kick freestyle, next 50 freestyle drill, next 50 butterfly drill
150M- freestyle
200M -IM which is a 50 of each stroke (butterfly, back, breast, free)

needless to say a hard workout. but great I would like to complete this workout at some point this summer when I don't have to leave for work, that my friends is one week from today!!!!! YIPPY SKIPPY!!

(oh and today was the class picnic so needless to say the diet agian out the window, I was going to run after work, but took a nap a long nap instead) tomorrow I am back on the healthy eating wagon I do so much better when Im on it

Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14

First of all thank you Grace for reading- I really miss you!

Monday morning swim- ok I went to the pool this morning and well you see there is no post from yesterday, I was supposed to run but due to a late night thought sleep would be more benificial to me. So today at 5 a brisk swam began

warm up- 5 X 100m or so and lots of stretching
Opening set repeated 4 times:
2X 50M- one arm free style (right arm for 50, left arm for 50- man did I feel lame)
2X 200M- breathing every 5th stroke ( I hate this cause I cant hold my breath that long but did the best I could

Then the main set started I can only stay till 6 due to work, so I just did 2X-100 all out crazy fast which hurt like ... but felt great after I was done:)

If you have time the main set was supposed to be
4X-100 free
1X100 backstroke
3X 100 free
2 X 100 back
2X100 free
1X 100 free
4X100 back
looks like fun---glad I had to work:)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

let the training begin

ok so I told you I was going to start training, and Im going to try to post it so in case you want to join in you can, plus it gives me some accountablity even if no one actually read this typing it will hopefully keep me disciplined.

So this morning I was in the pool:
4-100M free warmup
8-50 kicking (breast/free)

Then the begining set a 200M, 150M, 100M, 50M- free style with the last 50m of each fast we repeated this twice

10-100M freestyle

6-50M non freestyle I did breaststroke

An hour and half of swimming pretty good for Saturday morning
Now to eat healthy the rest of today:)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

running is cheaper than therapy

running is cheaper than therapy was printed on a shirt I almost bought this past weekend at the San Diego marathon. (Yes this past weekend I once agian ran a marathon that I did not train for. at least this year I did get in a couple of six mile runs before hand, unlike the max of 3 the last year. I really am going to train for the next one I swear).
The t-shirt caught my eye, because running for me is a form of therapy if you will only I don't have a therapist to talk to and give me feed back, I only have my thoughts, and myself to answer back. However on my runs healing does occur. I had 26 miles to think on sunday about where I have been and where I am going. here is a brief list of what I remember as pain and overheating and other such things took priority at moments during the race.
1. I thought having a run/walk ministry would be cool- think of yellow tank tops with "Run Happy " the joy of the Lord is my strength written on the back:) most people don't do activity b/c they need accountability and someone to do it with- how about tues/thurs nights run walk the neighborhood train for a 5K, 10K 1/2 marathon or full marathon
2. I have a lot to be thankful for. I spent a few miles or so thinking of all the friends and family that think Im crazy to be running and for all of them Im thankful!
3. my problems are nothing for God. As i ran you see people with shirts for various causes mainly luekemia and other cancers, but I thought wow, God knows each person in this race FYI 30,000 people ran Sunday, He knows every step, shin splint, muscle cramp, and tear that was cried and knows every person that each of them knows think about it it is mind boggling. He desires that none of them perish. but they have to hear his word. why don't I open my mouth?
4. God heals. These past few weeks I have restled with emotions in a different way and the run put my thoughts back to 3 years ago at this time I was just learning to walk without a walker, now I have run 2 marathons, completed a triathalon, and 2 pier to pier swims- He heals physically, spiritually, emotionally, and he does it so he can be glorified.
5. running clears my head and puts my focus on what is important, and its not me. Its the millions of people who don't know Christ, its family who need to feel Christ's love through me, its about relationships with people who God puts in our lives, not about stuff.

SO... I am going to train for the Long Beach Marathon which is in October (after this week of recovery:)). Anyone who wants to join me and get a taste of free therapy is welcome to join me, you don't have to keep up just be willing to get out and move you can do the 5k or just come cheer me on at mile 17, 18, and 19 as these are the most difficult for me! Let me know we can work out a training sched. I will try to post what I am doing so you can keep me accountable to actually train this time.

Running feels good when you are finished although painful during the race, just like my walk with Christ, I want to finish well even though the miles between can be painful and uphill, there are miles like 23 that feel great while mile 17 had to be walked, Christ is with us every step no matter how slow or fast our pace, he provides vasaline to help with chaffing, shot blocks and gu to provide nurishment when needed, he provides a brother to encourage us not to quit when we feel like we cant go on, the road of life is a marathon and whether you are fit or not you are in the race but how much better I may feel if I put the training time in so pick up your Bibles and get in his word work out your spiritual muscles and build your faith:)