Monday, February 8, 2010

God provides

I had the chance to stay in Santa Maria this weekend with the fantastic O'Roarks. It occured to me this weekend that although they knew Mike, I had never been to their place until after the accident. Why is this important? well really its not except that sometimes I question God's timing, but the more I consider things the more I realize that He has perfect timing. The O'Roarks house provides a quiet place (I really mean silent), with a really comfy bed (where I sleep more than 2 hours at a time), crazy good food (apple Jacks, coco pebbles, waffles, Orcuit burger just to name a few), and great conversation. But what it really provides is a place where I have peace about life. After every visit I come back rested and motivated to get through stuff I need to complete. It gives me just enough time away from my routine to get recharged. I have my own memories in Santa Maria and the surrounding beach towns. Mike never was there so they are mine. Which is good, because it reminds me that God still has plans for me and that life can be enjoyed without Mike by my side (even though I know he wanted to ride that little train). He created the amazing green hills and powerful ocean waves that crash on the desolate white sand beaches for me to enjoy and to see His glory on display. He provided a friendship with people who love me as if Im family, which is really a blessing that words cannot describe. God knew I would need the O'Roarks to help with my healing and brought them in my life at just the right time. There are no accidents with God. and as much as the car accident changed my life I know it was not a surprise to God, nor are any of the other trials that I face. He has perfect timing and as much as I don't want to believe that at times, if I truly look at everything around me I know it is all under His control. God provides/and will continue to provide what I need to get through all of it.