Thursday, December 29, 2011

day 2-project get skinny

Hello lactic acid. Its a great feeling. well sort of. My legs are a little sore which is just a sign of exactly how out of shape I am that a 35 min jog would do this to me, but.... So today I got way too involved in cleaning. I have been trying over this break to actually move into this house. It has been 5 years since Mike and i bought this place, while it is far different today than Dec 23, 2006, I have never really moved in. So when I looked up it was already after 11, so beach run was out of the question, so I took all three dogs on a 45 min walk. Granted Sam had to take several breaks along the way, which he did in the middle of the street- great timing Sam. They were really very good today, minimal pulling and peeing- always a plus! Diet wise, I did not eat or drink enough, but made better food choices than I have been making.... small steps I say! Tomorrow is another day. I am hoping to get down to the beach, but really want to finish this house. Today the lady 2 doors down came by (never happens) she asked if I was moving, no just cleaning- I literally have taken everything off the shelves, out of the closets and put them all back minus the stuff I'm giving away. So tomorrow Salvation Army will get a big load from me:) Anyways pray for Diana-shes the neighbor she had ovarian cancer, but now they found a softball size mass in her rib area, but it is wrapped around her aorta somehow so they are putting her through 6 months of intense chemo so hopefully it will shrink and they can remove it easier. Nice lady, goes to a orthadox presbaterian church, anyone know what they believe? perhaps I will visit. Well hope your week is going well. Only 2 days left this year, enjoy them.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

time for me

In the past year I have gladly given up many things to be able to be with mom. however today I decided that I need to try to be me again and do a few things that used to bring me joy and make me feel good. Primarily working out and eating healthy. For the past year I have been making mom yummy feel good fat foods, which I love and she has enjoyed, however my body is now suffering the consequences.... I have no energy and my clothes dont fit. So yesterday when I saw a pair of pants on sale I decided that I needed to do something (as I dont need new clothes, just need to be able to fit into the ones I have) So yesterday I put on workout clothes, ran some errands and crawled back into bed. Today put the same workout clothes on took the boys to the vet (now I cant afford new pants anyways) and then went to the beach to run. I only ran for 35 minutes then walked for 10 but it felt horrible and fantastic all at the same time. I love running and need to make time for it despite how tired I am from the hours I work, so for now while I am off work running will happen. So I am going to use this blog once again as accountability as I know pretty much only Dini reads this (hi!) but as I looked back on my older posts it was good to read my thoughts and motivated me as I saw what I used to be capable of doing. I'm not ready to put on a swimsuit at 4:30 in the morning just yet, but running clothes will be a good start. So today so far a 45 run/walk from ave 26-4 blocks past the 90210 house and back. Breakfast= oatmeal and an egg. I will post lunch, dinner and snacks later. I'm hoping I will be able to get back into this so I can feel a little more like myself, and not be so self conscious and perhaps have some energy.