Sunday, March 14, 2010

who am I?

Some of you know that I am trying out a new sport outrigger canoe-ing (not sure that is a word) which newbie practices are on Sunday mornings, so I have been going to various churches on Saturday night (which has been interesting and quite enjoyable). Last night as the pastor was preaching through Philippians. he made the comment I'm not a (fill in the blank with career)__________________ I'm a soldier for Christ. For me to live is Christ and to die gain. Which made me think of my last post. I am not a teacher, I am a soldier for Christ and that should be my attitude each day. I need to live for Christ anything else is loss. But to live for Christ is gain. It was such a great reminder that I am not a student, teacher, aunt, maid, sister, friend but a soldier for Christ. So get your armor on and go fight the good fight this week!

Monday, March 8, 2010

what is a teacher

Today at work as situation after situation arose I asked myself is this really what a teacher does? When I think of a teacher I think of a person that leads instruction in some academic area like math or English or history. However in the last few weeks I have found myself wearing these hats: social worker- trying to find housing for a family, lawyer-dealing with laws and policy, police-trying to figure out how to get a restraining order for a parent, counselor-helping a student (not mine) get the papers needed to get to college, doctor, mother (cleaning snotty faces- so gross!) encourager-"ms.c why so gloomy, i need your smile it makes me feel goooood"(this comment turned my day around), coach, friend, referee, chef-making meals b/c they were hungry, mentor teacher, venting wall, and well a teacher. My job is not ordinary, I know, but somedays I really would like to just teach, but then who would do all the other stuff? I am glad that God has placed me where I am at, and I know he will give me all I need to do the job, but I wonder sometimes what in the world am I doing? I didn't go to school for this. So if you think about a teacher you know or had, pray for them they deal with more than the kids in the class:)