Sunday, December 2, 2012

4 months and counting

Today is December 2, 2012 and well much to my unbelief I am 4 months pregnant.  It still does not seem real most days.  I am not as nauseous as I was, well until about a week ago, which is nice.  I am still not hungry most of the time but trying to eat at regular 2 hour intervals to give my body what it needs.  I am excited that I have a bit more energy and I have started to exercise again.  I really have not done any regular workouts for about 2 years, which is really sad, but I know there is a season for everything and well there is no time like today to start working out again.  Thursday I took a hula class with Leilani, which was alright, Im not much for group classes and really dont like a room full of mirrors but my abs need the work so hula hula I shall go:).  Then Friday in the rain Armando and I went swimming which was the 3rd time in weeks span as we went before Thanksgiving and I went again on last Sunday, but Friday I felt like the old me, not as tired and I wanted to keep swimming:) I only swam for about 40 min.  Saturday morning again in the mist we went down to Redondo and he ran while I hooked up the heart monitor and walked fast enough to get the heart rate up, I think eventually I will run again as it just seems easier to run rather than walking like a crazy woman for 40 minutes.  The waves were big and I always forget just how much a love the smell of the ocean and the sound of the crashing waves.  A good start to the weekend:).  This morning I got up and did a prenatal yoga video, which pointed out very quickly just how flexible I am not.  I am hoping if I do that a few times a week I can increase my flexibility and do everything I can to prepare my body for labor.  I just keep thinking that my mom did this 6 times.  My body continues to change, which from a biology background is cool and interesting to me as I try to remember all that I learned so many years ago and watch as God does this amazing thing inside me.  From my own perspective it's odd.  I am in what i call the fat stage, I am not big enough for strangers to see that I'm pregnant, but I am definitely larger than I have ever been.  Which means that nothing really fits right.  Maternity clothes are too big, and well my regular clothes (minus sweats) are too tight and uncomfortable.  The biggest challenge for me has been telling people that I am pregnant.  It just seems so odd and well something that I want to keep to myself for the most part.  Most everyone is excited when I tell them, but I just feel weird saying it.  I guess in a few weeks my body will say it for me.